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All the services you need

Deploy in the same place

Your powerful system needs many different services to work together, such as MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Elastic Search, and so on. Let us help you easily deploy them in the same place, reduce management costs, and improve transmission speeds.


Pay as you go

No More Unwanted Charge

Are you still "renting a server"? Zeabur uses a pay-as-you-go model, so you only pay for the resources your service actually uses, don't pay for what you don't use!


Easily deploy your project

Without writing Dockerfile

Zeabur can automatically analyze the code to determine what language and framework the project uses. The only thing you need to do is write the code and submit it to GitHub, and the rest is up to us.

githubgit push origin main
githubFramework detected: Next.js
githubWebsite is online

Deploy Your Service

Never Been So Easy

Zeabur is a platform that helps developers deploy services with a single click, no matter what programming language or development framework your project uses.


More Features

CI/CD Out of the box

Does your service have a new version to deploy? Just push the code to GitHub, and the new version will be automatically online.

Multi Environment Management

Easily copy your entire architecture into multiple different environments, so your team can develop and test in isolated environments!

Variables and Configs

Manage all the complex variables your system needs in a single configuration file, no more dizzying .env files!

Object Storage Service

Store files uploaded by users from your backend program, just like S3 or GCS, but simpler!

Generate a domain or use your own

You can generate a domain name for the service you deploy, or use your own domain name and add a CNAME record!

Auto Scaling

As the demand of your service increases, we can automatically expand the resources it needs.