Zeabur has two types of content, [Membership Subscription Fee] and [Resource Usage Fee], and both types of fees are automatically debited on a monthly basis.



Membership Subscription Fee refers to subscription plan that users choose, different plans have different usage limit.

Serverless Plan

$0+ Resource usagesper month

Deploy static website and Serverless functions in seconds.

  • checkDeploy static and Serverless functions
  • checkFree and automatic SSL certificates
  • checkCI / CD out of the box
  • checkCommunity support

Developer Plan

$5+ Resource usagesper month

Deploy both Serverless and Containerized services with priority support.

  • checkAll Serverless Plan features
  • checkDeploy containerized services
  • checkUp to 2 vCPU and 4GB Memory for each container.
  • checkPull request preview
  • checkDeploy prebuilt container images
  • checkPriority technical support

Team Plan

$80+ Resource usagesper month

For teams with fast growing business, focus on performance and scalability.

  • checkAll Serverless and Developer features
  • checkUp to 4 vCPU and 16GB Memory for each container.
  • checkPriority builds and deployments
  • checkDedicate support team contact group

Free amount

For Developer and Team Plan [The free amount is US$5 per month].

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Resource Usage Fee refers to: No matter what plan user has chosen, Zeabur will charge them based on resources actually spent on the service:


US$ 0.0005 / vCPU per minute


US$ 0.00023 / GB per minute

Commonly Asked Questions

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If my services are attacked, will the billing stop?down
Can I use Zeabur without a credit card?down
Will I get a receipt?down
Where can I see my usage status?down

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