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to grow infinitely

Zeabur offers three different plans for you, choose the best plan to boost your services and save your time and money.

Serverless Plan

Start with monthly$0

Deploy static website and Serverless functions in seconds.

  • Deploy static and Serverless functions
  • Free and automatic SSL certificates
  • CI/CD out of the box
  • Community support

Developer Plan

Start with monthly$5

Deploy both Serverless and Containerized services with priority support.

  • All Serverless features
  • Deploy containerized services
  • Up to 2 vCPU and 4GB memory for each container
  • Backup services and data
  • Deploy prebuilt images
  • Priority technical support

Team Plan

Start with monthly$80

For teams with fast growing business, focus on performance and scalability.

  • All Serverless and Developer features
  • Up to 4 vCPU and 16GB memory for each container
  • Priority builds and deployments
  • Dedicated support team contact group
If the Team Plan does not meet your needs, you can contact us to get a plan tailored to your usage scenario.


Zeabur's monthly fees include subscription fee and extra resource fee. For the Developer Plan, resource usage below the subscription fee is free, while usage above the subscription fee is charged.

Subscription$5per month
Extra Usage$0per month
Not sure about the billing?Contact us.


You don't have to worry about high bills anymore. Zeabur allows you to set budgets for each project, and we'll promptly remind you when you reach 80% of your budget.

Project 1
Monthly Cost$3.00
Monthly Budget$10.00
Project 2
Monthly Cost$16.00
Monthly Budget$20.00


Resource Usage Fee refers to: No matter what plan user has chosen, Zeabur will charge them based on resources actually spent on the service.


/vCPU per minuteabout $12 / vCPU per month


/GB per minuteabout $4 / GB per month

Network Egress

/GB100 GB free per month

Persistent Volume

/GB5 GB free per month
Usage is billed in minute-level granularity, so you only pay for what you use.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Can I downgrade to Serverless Plan any time?down
If my services are attacked, will the billing stop?down
Can I use Zeabur without a credit card?down
Will I get a receipt?down
Where can I see my usage status?down

For more information, please check out our documentation