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March 29, 2024

Run Your RSS3 Node with One Click

Yuhang XiaYuhang Xia

RSS3 has launched its Alpha Mainnet earlier this month, and it has surged beyond $30M in TVL. Anyone with more than 10,000 tokens can run a RSS3 Node on the Alpha Mainnet, just deploy the node instance somewhere on the cloud and set it up with some easy steps.

Now Zeabur has simplified the process for running a RSS3 Node much more easily, you can run the node with just one click on Zeabur! Let’s explore the best way you can start an Alpha Node in this article.

What is RSS3?

RSS3 is a decentralized network indexing and structuring open information, making it accessible and valuable for the next Twitter, Google, and OpenAI.

Inspired by the original RSS protocol, RSS3 stands as a decentralized network committed to the Open Information Initiative paving the way for open AI and the Open Web.

Recently RSS3 has announced its Alpha Mainnet and allow holders to register Alpha Nodes and contribute to information freedom. Now there are more than $30M in TVL.

How to Run RSS3 Node on Zeabur?


  • You need to have at least 10,000 RSS3 token and deposit them to RSS3 VSL Mainnet to start an Alpha Node. You can check the explorer for more information.
  • You need to create an account on Zeabur through GitHub, and upgrade your account to Developer Plan(US$ 5 per month).

Register an Alpha Node

Once you’ve prepared your RSS3 tokens and bridge them to VSL Mainnet, you can register a node on the explorer in several easy steps. Here is a more detailed guide from RSS3 team.

Deploy from Template

Before you deploy the RSS3 Node template, you need to prepare two important variables for verifying the node:

  • `NODE_DISCOVERY_MAINTAINER_SIGNATURE`: A signature for a specific string used to verify the ownership of your wallet address, which can be obtained using the SIGNATURE button on RSS3 Explorer.
  • `NODE_DISCOVERY_MAINTAINER_EVM_ADDRESS` : The wallet address you use to register your node. You can get the evm address in your wallet that binds the explorer.

Open the template page, click the deploy button, then you will see a modal like the following picture for you to fill in those two variables, choose a public domain and deployed region area.

After you’ve finished these setups, simply click on the Confirm button, then your deployment will be finished in one minute, and that’s all, your RSS3 Node just start working!

>💡 You will need to upgrade to Developer Plan or Team Plan to keep your RSS Node running stably.(Start at US$ 5 per month)


As you can see, you can get your registered Alpha Node running on Zeabur within 3 minutes, no virtual machine and docker files needed, just one click to bring your RSS3 Node alive. And you just need US$ 5 per month to keep the node running, that’s much lower than the benefit of owning an Alpha Node I guess. 😄 Start a node in 3 minutes and explore the RSS3 Alpha Mainnet!