Announcing Zeabur V1


After half a year of hard work and continuous iteration, we are excited to announce the official release of Zeabur v1.0 today, with some features added that were not available in the early trial versions.

Billing Service

The billing service is now available. Head to the dashboard to upgrade your plan!

The first 100 users to sign up for a developer plan will receive a lifetime 50% discount!

For more details, you can visit this link, or join our Discord server for further assistance.


We have created a marketplace for deploying services with one click.

  1. Affine, a next-generation knowledge base that brings planning, sorting, and creating all together.
  2. Databases now include MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and PostgreSQL.
  3. Memos, a self-hosted memo hub with knowledge management and social networking capabilities.
  4. Minio, a high-performance, object storage server designed for large-scale private cloud infrastructure.
  5. Pocketbase, a backend consisting of an embedded database (SQLite).
  6. UptimeKuma, a self-hosted monitoring tool.

Other Updates

  1. The ability to rollback, cancel, and restart deployment has been added.
  2. Users can now set their language preference in the settings. Note that some parts of i18n are still under development and will be updated continuously.
  3. The feature to edit variables as raw has been added. Users can now set variables for services in bulk.
  4. Due to illegal use and abuse by certain users, some services have been banned on Zeabur. It takes all of us to make Zeabur a better platform.