Automatic Database Backups

Introducing Scheduled Daily Database Backups on Zeabur


We're thrilled to unveil a highly anticipated feature that developers have been requesting: automatic database backups on Zeabur.

Zeabur simplifies your workflow by allowing you to deploy popular database services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis with a single click. These databases are vital as they hold the essential data generated by the services you create.

To enhance data management, we've already implemented a seamless one-click data export feature that operates without disrupting your service.

Today marks the introduction of an even more robust capability: scheduled daily database backups.

Simply initiate the process on the backup page, and you can set your database to automatically back up at a designated time each day. This new feature frees you from manual backup procedures.

At any time, you can access the backup page to view and download the latest backup. Plus, for those critical moments when you need an immediate backup, the manual export option remains available for your convenience.