August 7, 2023

Zeabur CLI | New Log System

Yuhang XiaYuhang Xia

Zeabur CLI

We now open the Zeabur CLI to everyone. Now you can manage and deploy your services in your terminal, and we welcome all the suggestions and contributions!

Zeabur CLI is built with Cobra and Golang, now we've implemented features below:

  • Create, delete, and get project.
  • Get service information, deploy service from marketplace.
  • Set context by project or service or environment.
  • Login through browser.
  • Query build and runtime logs.

New Log System

We have refactored our log system, and now Zeabur has more timely and accurate logs.

Other Updates

  • Open runtime log by default for running deployments.
  • Renew our changelog style.
  • Improve template description style.
  • Template blurry search.
  • Documentation for deploy button.

Bugs Fixed

  • Git service memory metric.
  • Some users can't agree service terms due to cookie issues.

Coming Features

  • Light theme for dashboard.
  • The public API for Zeabur.
  • Update template.