Fork Git Repository From Template

Easily Customize Git Service in Template with Forked Repositories


We are excited to announce a new feature that enhances the flexibility and customization of your projects on Zeabur: the ability to Fork Git repositories directly from your deployed services.

Zeabur has always made it simple to deploy applications using templates from our vast library. These templates are deployed directly from Git repositories, providing a streamlined setup process.

Recognizing the need for personalization, we have now integrated a one-click Fork feature. This allows you to make a personal copy of any Git repository from a deployed service, enabling you to tweak and enhance your projects without limitations.

Starting today, you can easily fork a repository by visiting the settings page of any service deployed from a Git repository. With just a few clicks, you can choose a name for your new repository, decide whether to keep it private, and initiate the fork process.

Once forked, the repository will appear in your GitHub account, allowing you to make the desired modifications. Zeabur automatically updates the service’s Git repository setting to point to your new forked repository.

This feature not only provides you with the ability to maintain control over the codebase of your deployed services but also ensures that any changes you push to your forked repository are seamlessly deployed through our existing CI/CD pipelines.