April 13, 2023

Welcome Zebra, our new team member on board!

Yuhang XiaYuhang Xia

Discord Bot

Our Discord Bot, Zebra, is now available! Join our Discord and verify your account in the ✅ | verify channel with a single click. Once verified, Zebra will automatically add a new role to your Discord account based on your plan.

Project Settings Tab

To set your project name, icon, and description, go to the Project Settings tab. You can access this tab by clicking the gear icon next to your project name.

Cloudflare Gateway

Zeabur has integrated Cloudflare to help users ship their websites quickly to a global audience. This integration allows us to route requests to the most efficient destination, such as responding to static assets or serverless functions on the edge.

Additionally, since Zeabur operates under a usage-based billing model, Cloudflare can protect users from being charged for attacks like DDoS.


Check out our Changelog Page for the latest updates, including new features and bug fixes! The Changelog is updated weekly and can also be found at the bottom of our landing page under the Product category.

Other Updates

  • Refactor account modal as a full page.
  • Add a return button to make it easier to go back to the last stack!
  • Render build duration as mm:ss format.
  • New documents have been completed: Variable, Watch Path, and Root Directory.

Bugs Fixed

  • Limit service name max length as 63.
  • Install MariaDB’s development package while deploying MySQL services. This amazing work is thanks to our talented intern Pan93412!
  • Marketplace services missing internal hostname.