July 31, 2023

#1 Product of the Day!

Yuhang XiaYuhang Xia

Product Hunt Launch

Thanks all of your support! We are thrilled to announce that Zeabur has been voted as the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, with over 1000 votes! This achievement belongs to our supportive user base. But it's only the beginning. We'll continue improving our product to offer developers an even more simple and user-friendly PaaS deployment platform.

Referral System

You can invite your friends to use Zeabur and earn credits now! If your friends use your referral link to sign up and upgrade to a paid plan, you will get US$ 5 credits for your consuming in Zeabur with the highest priority. Here is the referral guidance.

Network Usage

You can now see your services' network usage in Zeabur dashboard now!

Other Updates

  • You can deploy n8n with one click in our marketplace now!
  • The official RSSHub template now contains a Redis service by default to improve performance.
  • Clear CDN cache when deploying a new version.
  • Build speed improvements.

Bugs Fixed

  • Some i18n issues.
  • Some services may not able to be deployed.
  • The cache will be invalidated now when a new deployment pushed.
  • Domain should be released after project has been deleted.