September 26, 2023

Pull Request Preview

Yuhang XiaYuhang Xia

Pull Request Preview

Sometimes you may want to deploy a preview environment for a pull request. This is useful for testing changes before merging them into the main branch. We now offers an easy way to do this for all of your services deployed on Zeabur.

New Usage Statistics

We've updated our usage statistics to be faster, more accurate and powerful, you can query your usage data in our dashboard specified grouping by project, service or environment, or grouping by memory or CPU usage.

Other Updates

  • More frameworks are supported, including Elysiajs, Bao.js, Bagel.js and so on.
  • Dashboard loading speed optimization.

Coming Soon

  • Faster and more more accurate runtime logs.
  • Upgrade your marketplace service's image version.
  • Prebuilt services with customized image and more configs.