Free Plan Evolution: Say Hello to the Serverless Plan!


Zeabur's Evolution

At Zeabur, our enduring commitment is to create a PaaS platform that combines affordability, stability, and user-friendliness. With this mission in mind, we're continually innovating to best serve our users' needs. Today, we're excited to introduce the evolution of our Free Plan into the Serverless Plan.

The Old Free Plan

Previously, the Free Plan generously provided a $5 monthly usage credit. It has been heartening to witness the myriad of users leveraging this benefit to kickstart their journeys on our platform. This model was conceived as a gateway for users to sample Zeabur's capabilities, rather than as a comprehensive production environment.

The New Serverless Plan

To enhance this experience, and based on the feedback and insights we've garnered over time, we've reimagined our offering: The Serverless Plan. It’s not just about the name—it's about enriching your capabilities. Starting now, we're removing certain limits, giving you broader horizons:

  1. While the Free Plan allowed 1 project, with the Serverless Plan, the skies the limit—deploy as many projects as you wish.
  2. Expand your reach with an unlimited number of services, up from the previous cap of 3.
  3. No more need to tether a payment method or manually extend your access. The Serverless Plan is truly hassle-free.
  4. The Serverless Plan focuses on the future, emphasizing Serverless services from GitHub, ensuring a streamlined experience.
  5. Our global edge network will continue to ensure rapid content delivery, and dynamic backend functionalities, if required, will be smartly managed with Serverless functions.

Still Need Containers?

We understand that transitions can be bittersweet. If you ever feel the need for more traditional containerized services or functionalities outside the Serverless domain, remember that our Developer Plan is always there to provide a holistic deployment solution.

Thank you for being a part of Zeabur. We’re excited to embark on this new chapter together, and we deeply appreciate your continued trust and support.

Migrate From Free Plan to Serverless Plan

All free plan users will be migrated to Serverless plan automatically. However, if you already have containerized services deployed, please transform it into serverless deployment or upgrade to Developer plan before 2023/11/30, otherwise it will be automatically deleted after warning email. Feel free to contact technical support if you need help to making your service serverless.