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Deploy Ghost

Deploy Ghost

Ghost (opens in a new tab) is a powerful application for new media creators to publish, share, and develop their content business.

This article will teach you how to deploy your own Ghost service on Zeabur within a few minutes.

Deploy Ghost from Template

Ghost requires MySQL as a database, so you can not deploy Ghost service directly from the image. It won't work until you have a MySQL service running in the same project.

We have made a Ghost template with MySQL service, so you can deploy both services at once with a single click.

Step 1: Open Ghost template page

First of all, visit the template page for Ghost (opens in a new tab).

You will see that template is already configured with MySQL service, so you don't need to do anything.

Template Page

Step 2: Deploy template

Click on the Deploy button, and then select a region to deploy your services.

Select Region

After the selection, you will be automatically redirected to the project page where you can see the deployment progress.


Wait a few more seconds, and your Ghost service will be deployed successfully and start running.

Step 3: Access Ghost

You need to bind a domain to access your Ghost service after the deployment.

You can follow the guide to bind a domain for more details.

Step 4: Setup Ghost

After the domain is bound, you can click on the domain to access the Ghost homepage. Add /ghost after the domain to access the Ghost admin settings page.

Setup Ghost