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Deploy Likit

Deploying Likit

Likit (opens in a new tab) is a Backend as a Service for the like (vote, unlike, count) feature.

This article will show you how to deploy Likit on Zeabur in a minute.

Method 1: Deploy from template (Recommended)

We've built a template for Likit. All you need is just one click on the button below, and then you will get a running Likit service.

Deploy on Zeabur (opens in a new tab)

Method 2: Deploy from marketplace

Step 1: Create a project

To deploy this service, you will need to create a project first if you haven't done so. You can follow this document to create your project.

Step 2: Deploying Postgres

Before creating a Likit service, you should deploy a Postgres service.

Click "Add Service" and select "Marketplace". You will find PostgreSQL in the list.

Deploying Postgres

Step 3: Deploying Redis

Before creating a Likit service, you should also deploy a Redis service.

Click "Add Service" and select "Marketplace". You will find Redis in the list.

Deploying Redis

Step 4: Deploy from prebuilt marketplace

After deploying Postgres and Redis, you can deploy Likit.

Go to the "Prebuilt" section in the marketplace. You will find Likit in the list.

Step 5: Bind a domain

While you are waiting for the service to start and become operational, you can bind a domain to it. This domain can be your own or a free domain provided by Zeabur.

Open the "Domain" tab on the service page and click on "Generate Domain" or "Custom Domain".

For more information about how to bind a domain to your service, please refer to Bind a domain.

Step 6: Start using Likit

After binding the domain, you can click on the domain to enter the Likit dashboard and get started.

Likit Preview