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Deploy Redis

Deploy Redis Service

Zeabur provides a one-click deployment feature of Redis service, allowing you to quickly deploy a Redis database on Zeabur.

Deploying Redis Services

To deploy this service, you will need to create a project first if you haven't done so. You can follow this document to create your project.

In your project, click Add Service and select Marketplace and then search for Redis:

Deploy "Redis"

Once you click "Redis", Zeabur will automatically deploy the Redis service for you.

Environment Variables

After the Redis service is successfully deployed, Zeabur will automatically inject environment variables into the service. Currently, the following variables are available:


Connecting to the Database


redis-cli (opens in a new tab) is a command-line tool that allows interaction with the Redis database. Using redis-cli, you can execute Redis commands in a command line terminal or interactive mode.

After downloading and installing as per the documentation, return to Zeabur. In the Redis service, click on the Instructions tab, and then click the copy button for Command to connect to your Redis to copy the connection address.


Paste the copied command into the terminal and enter PING to test if the connection is successful:


Now, you can start operating Redis.