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Deploy WordPress

Deploy WordPress

WordPress (opens in a new tab) is an open-source software that allows anyone to easily build beautiful websites, blogs, or apps.

This article will show you how to deploy your own WordPress service on Zeabur with your desired domain through Marketplace.

Step 1: Create a Project

First, we need to create a project on Zeabur. Go to the Project List (opens in a new tab) page, where you will see a list of your projects, and click "Create Project" button which is at the end of all projects.

Step 2: Deploy MySQL

Before creating a WordPress service, you should deploy a MySQL service.

Click "Add Service" and select "Marketplace". You will find MySQL in the list.

Deploy MySQL

Select this to deploy MySQL.

Step 3: Create a Database

To enable the WordPress service to function properly, we need to create a database named wordpress in the MySQL database first.

You can connect to your MySQL service with your preferred client. In this article, we use mysqlsh (opens in a new tab) to connect.

MySQL Connection Information

You can find your MySQL connection command in the "Connect" section in the MySQL service.

For example:

mysqlsh --port=11451 --user=root --password=wordpress-demo

Before entering to your terminal, please add --sql after mysqlsh:

mysqlsh --sql --port=11451 --user=root --password=wordpress-demo

Then, please enter the following SQL instruction in mysqlsh to create the wordpress database:


If you see something like Query OK, 1 row affected (0.0573 sec), it means you have created the needed database, and you can press Ctrl (Control) + D to exit.

MySQL Operation

Step 4: Deploy WordPress Service

In the Zeabur console, please click "Create Service" and select "Service Marketplace". You will find WordPress in the list.

Deploy WordPress Service

Click on this project to complete the deployment.


Since we have deployed the MySQL service before deploying WordPress, Zeabur will automatically inject MySQL's related environment variables into the WordPress service, so there is no need to manually configure the database information.

If you deploy WordPress first and haven't deployed MySQL yet, you need to restart the WordPress service after deploying the MySQL service to allow WordPress to obtain the correct database connection information.

Step 5: Bind a Domain

In the "Domain" section of the WordPress service in the Zeabur console, you can bind a domain name to it. This domain name can be your own domain name or a free domain name provided by Zeabur.

WordPress Service Domain Block

For information on how to bind a domain name to your service, please refer to Domain Binding.

Step 6: Log in and Set Up WordPress

After completing the domain binding, you can click on the domain name to enter the WordPress installation interface. First, select the language you want and click "Continue" (or something like this in your language):

WordPress Installation, Select Language

After this, follow the steps to install:

WordPress Installation, Set Password and Site Information

When you see this, the installation is complete.

WordPress Installation, Complete Installation