Payments and Billing


Zeabur offers different subscription plans for different needs.

Features and pricing can be found on Zeabur's "Pricing" page (opens in a new tab). This document mainly explains the target audience of each plan and supported payment methods.


Serverless Plan

By default, all Zeabur accounts are Serverless Plan. You can deploy your services as serverless functions without number limits.


You can deploy containerized services with this plan too, but those services maybe deleted at any time unless you've upgrade your plan.

It's only suitable for testing and evaluation.

Developer Plan

The Developer Plan is suitable for all kinds of developers and small teams. In addition to generous resource quotas, higher support priority, and exclusive "Dev Plan" badge on the Discord server, you can also "pay as you go" and create various interesting applications with Zeabur without worrying about restrictions.

You can deploy both serverless functions and containerized services on the Developer Plan.

The Developer Plan has a US$5 free quota each month:

  • If your usage in a month does not exceed US$5, we will not charge you any additional fees other than this plan.
  • If the usage exceeds US$5, the excess usage will be charged according to the formula in "Pricing".

Team Plan

The Team Plan is suitable for medium and large-scale, or projects with large resource requirements. In addition to providing more resource quotas, you can also directly connect with the Zeabur team to discuss various possibilities.

You can deploy both serverless functions and containerized services on the Team Plan.

Supports credit card and Alipay payments. When you need other payment methods, you can communicate with us.

Enterprise Plan

If the Team Plan does not meet your needs, you can contact us to get a plan tailored to your usage scenario.