Verify Your Account

Zeabur offers a priority support for all the verified users.

Your verifaication can help us target your problems and solve them faster. You may also get some credits as a reward for you activity in our Discord server.

How to Get Verified

We use our Discord bot Zebra to help us with the verification process.

Step 1: Join Our Discord Server

First of all, you need to join our Discord server (opens in a new tab). You can communicate with our staff and other users there, and post your feedbacks and problems.

Step 2: Link Your Account

When you get into our Discord server, you will see a welcome message from Zebra. You will find a verify channel (opens in a new tab) in the message content.


Click on the verify button, you will see a authorization page from Discord. Click on the Authorize button to link your Discord account with our website.


When you get redirected to our website, you will see a success message in the toaster, and you can close the website.


What's Next

After your verifaication is done, you can get a priority support from our team. And when you upgrade to another plan, Zebra will automatically give you a special role in our Discord server. You can join some priority channels with that role.