Backup Service

Backup Service

In production environments and during development, you may need to create backups of your services to enhance the robustness and reliability of your applications. We provide a straightforward method for creating and recovering backups for all Prebuilt Services deployed on Zeabur.


The previously mentioned Prebuilt Service, which belongs to the service category, is a subcategory of services. Prebuilt Service is a stateful service, unlike Git Service, which is stateless. Therefore, Git Service does not support backup functionality.

Step 1: Suspend Your Service

Before creating a backup, please suspend your service to prevent data loss during the backup process. If your service is running, the system will prompt you to suspend it.


At this point, you can open the Settings tab, find the Danger Zone section, and click the Suspend Service button to suspend your service.


Step 2: Access Backup Settings

Select the service you wish to back up, expand the Backup tab, and you will see a button to create a backup for your service.


Step 3: Create a Backup

Click the Backup button, and the system will create a backup for your service. This process may take some time.


Step 4: Download the Backup

After waiting for a while, you will see that the backup has been successfully created. The Backup tab will display SUCCESS. Click here to download the backup file.


Once you have the downloaded file, you can unzip it and view its contents.