Create Project

Create Project

To deploy services on Zeabur, you need to create a project first.

You can follow the steps below to create a project.

What is a project

A project is a collection of services that are deployed together, services in the same project can communicate with each other with internal network. You can create multiple projects in different regions and deploy kinds of services in each project.

Besides, you can set the budget and manage the usages for project, invite other team members to manage the services and so on.

How to create a project

First, you need to navigate to the dashboard's projects page (opens in a new tab).

If you are new to Zeabur without any project, you will see an onboarding page to create your first project.

Create project onboarding

If you've created projects before, you can just click on the Create Project button or press CMD + K or Ctrl + K to open the command palette to select Create Project, and then select the region where you want to create the project, the project will be automatically created with a random name.

Select Region

What's next

You will see an empty project after the region selection:

Empty Project

You can click on the Deploy New Service button to deploy a service in this project, or click on the config button to manage the project settings and invite team members.