Deploy in CLI

Deploy Service in Zeabur CLI

Deploy services with one click in dashboard is easy, but if you want to deploy services in your terminal with one command, we've got you covered.

Login your account

After the installation is complete, you need to login your account to deploy services.

npx @zeabur/cli auth login

Press Enter to open the login page in your browser, and then click on the Confirm button, you will be redirected to the terminal and see the login success message.

Deploy service

Now you are ready to deploy your service, just run the following command in your service directory.

npx @zeabur/cli deploy

Then you need to follow the guide to select or create a project where your service will be deployed.

After that, you will see the deployment progress in your terminal. Wait for a few seconds, your service will be automatically deployed, and you will get the service URL in the terminal.