Domain Binding

Domain Binding

Domain is a unique identifier for your service, which can be used to access your service from the Internet. For example, the domain name of this website is

After your service is successfully deployed on Zeabur, you may need to bind a domain to expose this service to the Internet.

Step 1: Open Domains Tab

Select the service which you want to add a domain for, and expand the Domains tab, you will see two buttons for you to create a domain for your service.


Step 2: Create a Domain

Zeabur provides an easy service for generating domain names with the suffix that can be used to access your services without additional configuration.

Just click on the Generate Domain button, and type in the name you want to use, if the domain name is available and haven't been used by others, you can click on the Save button to use it to access your service.


You can also choose to fully customize your domain name. But to access your service with your own domain name, you will need to follow instructions in Step 3 to do some configurations for it.


Step 3: Configure Your Customized Domain

For more uniqueness and flexibility, you may like to choose to bundle your own domain name.

If you don't own any domain yet, you can buy it from some domain name service providers, such as GoDaddy (opens in a new tab) or Cloudflare (opens in a new tab).

Click on the Custom Domain button, and type in your domain name, then click on the Save button.

After you have added your dedicated domain name to the service, you will find it is in the Invalid DNS status. In order to access your service properly, you need to go to your domain registrar and manually configure DNS records for your domain name.

Configure DNS record

Here is an example of using Cloudflare to add DNS records for the domain name.

Open the Cloudflare console, select the domain name you want to configure, and select DNS records.


On this page, in the Manage DNS section, click the Add Record button.

Fill in the corresponding name and target content. Here, the name corresponds to the Name field, and the target corresponds to the Target field.

  1. Select CNAME record in the Type field
  2. Enter your subdomain name in the Name field, for example blog
  3. Enter in the Target field

    Please note that when setting up CloudFlare's DNS, do not enable the orange cloud (Proxy) feature on the left, otherwise your domain will not be resolved correctly. For why you don't need to enable CloudFlare's Proxy feature, please refer to Disable CloudFlare's Proxy Feature.

  4. Switch back to the Zeabur console, and after about 5 ~ 10 seconds, you will find that the domain status has changed from Invalid DNS to the purple Provisioning status.
  5. In the Provisioning status, Zeabur is deploying your SSL certificate to hundreds of edge nodes around the world, this process takes about two to three minutes.

Ensure there is no CAA record

If your custom domain is purchased from Tencent Cloud (opens in a new tab) or Vercel (opens in a new tab) and other service providers, they may automatically add CAA records to your domain, which may prevent you from successfully binding your domain.

Since Zeabur's SSL certificate is issued by Google Trust Services (GTS), you need to ensure that your domain does not have a CAA record, or add a CAA record that allows GTS to issue SSL certificates.

Disable CloudFlare's Proxy Feature

Traditionally, when hosting websites on rented servers, many have turned to CloudFlare Proxy for its benefits, such as DDoS protection, free SSL certificates, IP address concealment, and CDN services. However, on the Zeabur platform, a PaaS solution built on Google Cloud, you automatically gain access to a comprehensive suite of advanced features that make the additional layer of CloudFlare Proxy superfluous.

By pointing your domain to the CNAME record we provide, you activate Google Cloud's Cloud Armor defense system, offering robust protection against DDoS attacks. Moreover, your site will benefit from the global caching capabilities of Google Cloud CDN, ensuring fast access for visitors through strategically located edge nodes.

Furthermore, the SSL certificates issued by Google Trust Services (GTS) are not only secure and reliable but also automatically renewed, maintaining the highest level of encryption for your data transfers.

It is important to note that while CloudFlare offers a free CDN service, its edge nodes may not always be accessible to free-tier users in certain regions. This could mean that website visitors might be routed through more distant nodes before reaching your server, potentially increasing latency and affecting user experience.

In summary, there is no necessity to enable CloudFlare Proxy for websites deployed on Zeabur. Our platform already provides comprehensive and efficient services to meet your website's security and performance requirements.