Deploy .NET App

Zeabur supports .NET (Core) projects that can be run on a Linux machine. The following frameworks are supported:

  • .NET (Console)
  • ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core Blazor WebAssembly


Zeabur supports projects organized in the following structure (the name is not important):

- YourProject.sln
- YourLibrary1
    - YourLibrary1.csproj
- YourLibrary2
    - YourLibrary2.csproj
- YourBackend
    - YourBackend.csproj
- YourFrontend
    - YourFrontend.csproj

However, you may need to specify the directory that contains the project you want to deploy with the environment variable ZBPACK_DOTNET_SUBMODULE_DIR or the dotnet.submodule_dir configuration in zbpack.json. For example, if you want to deploy the YourBackend project, set the environment variable ZBPACK_DOTNET_SUBMODULE_DIR to YourBackend or add the following to your zbpack.json file in the root directory of your project:

    "dotnet": {
        "submodule_dir": "YourBackend"