Environment Variables

Setting Environment Variables

Environment variables are used to configure your application. Zeabur provides a way to set environment variables for your service.

Add, Edit, Delete

You can set environment variables in the Variables tab of your service, and you can Add Variables to your service.

environment variables

Zeabur will automatically inject these environment variables into your service.

  • <YOUR_SERVICE_NAME>_HOST:The host of the service.

  • PORT:The port of the service

  • Other variables like database credentials(PostgreSQL) or Redis connection string and so on.

And you don't need to set the environment variables manually.

db env

When hovering over a variable, you can choose to start editing or delete the variable.


Click the checkbox in the upper right corner to toggle the list view.

list view

Click the edit icon to edit the value of the variable.

edit variable

Edit as Raw

If you want to add multiple variables at once, you can use the batch editing function.

Click the Edit as Raw button to enter the batch editing mode, which will set the service environment variables in .env file.


Variable Reference

You can reference other variables in Zeabur.

All you need to do is to reference other variables in the template syntax when setting the variable:

# For example, you can set the variable like this:


By doing this, the value of USERNAME and PASSWORD will be automatically combined and injected into AUTH_INFOR.