Deploy ElysiaJS App

ElysiaJS (opens in a new tab) is a fast, and friendly Bun web framework.

This documentation is going to show you how to deploy ElysiaJS App in Zeabur withing one minute.

Step1: Create ElysiaJS App

Method 1: Bootstrap with Bun

Install Bun

Elysia is based on Bun (opens in a new tab), so you need to install Bun first.

curl | bash

Bootstrap ElysiaJS App

bun create elysia app-name

After that, you will get a ElysiaJS App in app-name directory.

cd app-name
bun run dev

Now, you can visit http://localhost:8080 to see the result.

Upload to GitHub

If you want to deploy your ElysiaJS App on Zeabur, you need to upload your code to GitHub first.

Just create a new repository on GitHub, and push your code to it, see a more detailed instructions here (opens in a new tab).

Method 2: Use Zeabur Template

We've prepared a template (opens in a new tab) for ElysiaJS App, you can use the template with click on the Use this template button.

Use this template

Step2: Deploy ElysiaJS App

Click on Deploy service or Add new service button, then choose Deploy your source code.


Search for your ElysiaJS App repository, click on import, your ElysiaJS App will start deploying automatically.

What's next

After the deployment is complete, you may need to configure the domain name for your ElysiaJS App.

Open the "Domain" tab in the service page and click on "Generate Domain" or "Custom Domain".

For more information about how to bind a domain to your service, please refer to Bind a domain.

Domain Binding