Deploy Astro Site

Astro (opens in a new tab) is a website build tool for the modern web — powerful developer experience meets lightweight output.

This guide will help you to deploy your Astro site in Zeabur.

Step1: Create an Astro project

Method 1: Bootstrap with Astro CLI

You can create an Astro project with the command below and follow the instructions.

npm create astro@latest

Method 2: Clone from our template

We've prepared two templates for you to get started with Astro.

You can use these template by clicking on the Use this template button on the GitHub page.

Step2: Deploy to Zeabur

Go to your dashboard of Zeabur (opens in a new tab) and create a new project if you haven't done so.

Then, click on the Deploy New Service button, select deploy from GitHub.


If it's your first time to deploy from GitHub on Zeabur, you need to configure and install the GitHub application first. You can check a more detailed guide here.

After select the repository and branch, Zeabur will automatically start building your service.

Zeabur will automatically detect that your service is built by Astro, so you don't have to do any extra configuration. And your deployment will be finished in a few minutes.

What's next

After the deployment is complete, you may need to configure the domain name for your Astro site.

Open the "Domain" tab in the service page and click on "Generate Domain" or "Custom Domain".

For more information about how to bind a domain to your service, please refer to Bind a domain.