Svelte Kit

Deploy Svelte Kit

Deploy your Svelte Kit project to Zeabur.

Step 1: Create a Svelte Kit project (optional)

Open your terminal and run

npm create svelte@latest

Next, you need to install the dependencies:

pnpm install

After that, initialize a Git repository and deploy it to your GitHub.

Step 2: Set up @sveltejs/adapter-node

Next, you need to install @sveltejs/adapter-node:

pnpm add -D @sveltejs/adapter-node

Then, open svelte.config.js and change it to:

import adapter from '@sveltejs/adapter-node'; // <-- Note this line
export default {
  kit: {
    adapter: adapter({ out: 'build' })

Step 3: Set up package.json

Open package.json and add a start script in scripts:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "node ./build/index.js"

Step 4: Deploy Svelte Kit project

In your project, click Deploy service or Add new service and select Deploy your source code.


Search for the Svelte Kit code repository you want to deploy, and click import. Your Svelte Kit app will automatically start deploying.