Pull Request Preview

Preview Environment

Sometimes you may want to deploy a preview environment for a pull request. This is useful for testing changes before merging them into the main branch. Zeabur offers an easy way to do this for all of your services deployed on Zeabur.

This guide will show you how to enable pull requests preview with one click.


This feature is only available for Developer Plan and Team Plan users

Select a Git service

As it is mentioned in get started, there are two types of services on Zeabur, including Git Services and Marketplace Services. Pull requests preview is only available for Git services because it is based on the Git repository.

If you have not created a Git service yet, you can create one by following the guidance in get started page.

Enable pull requests preview

Open your service that you want to enable pull requests preview, scroll down to expand the settings tab. You will see a switch button called Pull Requests Preview. Click the switch button to enable pull requests preview.


Check the preview environment

After you've enabled pull requests preview, you can now create a pull request on your Git repository. As soon as you create a pull request, Zeabur will automatically create a preview environment for you.

What's more, Zeabur will automatically bind a unique domain name for you to access the preview service easily. You can either access the link in our dashboard or click the deployment link in your Git repository directly.


And don't worry, after the pull request is merged or closed, the preview environment will be automatically removed.